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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes =D

No work, no nuttin' to do all day cept laze about and draw. Couldn't be better of a day.

I've missed some recent birthday wishes to give to others recently as well I noticed (Sorry Spoots XD Happy belated-birthday? =D ) Terribly sorry yall XD  

I know I've been rather inactive here, to put it lightly. I've actually been here, checking around often daily, just havent been doing much of anything lately here and I apologize again XD Mind has been all over the place and doesn't deserve to be in your face. I mean-wait. what.

I forgot what I was saying there or even what I was going for.


...anywho thanks again guys for all the happy birfdays and such! I really appreciate it, big time. Thought I'd have been forgotten here by now XD

Streamin' a bit of doodles if anyone is interested also today. (Yup, I still do that. Its a bloody fuckin' addiction.)
Dear Walmart Warehouse Employees,

Fuck you all. I Love you guys! Thank you so much for your piece of fucking shitty ass awesome pallet stacking and maintaining! I just love having to lug around a pallet of dog and cat food bags that's shaped like an upside down pyramid, and could fall over any second from the slightest breeze. I fucking hate you It's great! I also want to murder your children for just adore the way you spread out every kind of product on the pallet, having the 20 bags of Dog Chow that could easily have been grouped together, just sprinkled throughout. And then the way you often stack a good 800lbs of cat litter on top of tiny, flimsy boxes of cat treats makes me want to rip your balls of with a spork just makes me squeel with excitement! Or the way you plop all those things of animal food atop or under other department's freight makes me want to shoot myself just give you guys a big 'ol hug even more! Then there is that complete and utter fucking assface cunt monkey great, charming fellow that always likes to, on top of all that other great stuff, give me some open, spilling bags of food and/or cat litter! Fuck you and your grandmother I just love it, finding those neat little surprises. thank you so much.

And speaking of surprises, I also want to fuck your skull with a flaming pitchfork made from the bones of your dead children just freaking loved that little gift you gave me lastnight! Coming across an open, rotting, rancid ass can of sardines you just decided to toss on there, spilling its rank rotten juices over every bag of food on the pallet was just fucking horrible i mean shit fucking asdlkjhlkjsdksjdladv astoundingly awesome! It made the whole side of the store smell like crap for hours! It made me want yo send a firebomb back to you guys on the truck. I got quite a jestfull experience from it.

Kiss my fucking ass, you shitfaced, cunt bubble, donkey raping horrible excuse for human beings Thank you for your time,

Ps: Fuck. You.

I needed to vent.


About a month early.

I dont know how, but if you want to catch it ealry, click that now while it lasts XD It'll probably disappear within hours.

So far, so awesome., I was shown this link earlier today.

Just a warning, it's very much NSFW. But hear me out.…

Apparently, those three drawings there were actually done by Bruce Timm himself. Not very often one sees official rule34 of such a franchise, specially of the Joker and Harley XD
Gonna try and pull off a nice little marathon stream of just drawing for a while (occasional toon or something if i need a break)

Let us start!

Also this:…

This is the movie I want to see.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes folks! I really appreciate it all =D

Not gonna be doing anything special today, just drawing.

Also, today is supposed to be one of the hottest days this month, and my AC decided to break. How fun! *melts*

either way, birthday streamin:
So tonight I start my job. Yay.

Also, in 2 days (the 21st) is my birthday. Yay.

Also, i'm going to stream now. Yay.
Your Job skill has leveled up! +1

So I got a job. At Walmart. Overnights (10pm - 7am).

There's gonna be a sudden reduction of streams now. Commission work I owe is still getting done, so dont worry guys. Gonna see how this works out schedule wise

This will go well.
this week has been crapping on my in so many ways.

Lets just top it off with not being able to attend classes this semester! huzzah. As sad as it is, these classes were pretty much the only things I looked forward too during the years. Now they're gone. I've been having a hard enough time trying to draw this week as it is, this is gonna REALLY help now.

I am...not having a good day. I'm going to try and stream a little, try and take my mind off things.
As an attempt to reactivate myself here, I'm going to post the occasional stream notice here. I usually stream daily or every other day at around the time of posting this, and I dont wanna journal spam so I'll just post these occasionally.

Its just me drawing or showing a toon or movies or shows along with it.

Startin' now, right here:

or, if that doesnt work,
Ive been absent enough here I think. I need to really get back into the swing of things here.

Here's to posting more bullshit! *raises a glass*…

They're actually going to do it.…

Just wanted to share that. Ever since I saw the episode, I just knew that had to be a looped gif. It needed to be.…

I know this bill has been talked about all over here for ages now, but this brings some new info to me at least. I new this stuff was going to affect streaming, but now this shows that it also seems to affect any kind of video online at all, a live stream or a youtube type thing. I've been watching X there for a while, him and the Yogscast's videos, as well as others, have influenced my game choices as of late. I'd hate to see all THAT disappear as well.…

If ya havent already, sign this now.
I woke up this morning expecting the world to have ended! WTF WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?! Goddammit world! I HAD PLANS, MAN. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO END and I was going to be off the hook for all my problems. But noooo... You just had to stick around. Better not do this to me again in December next year, or I swear I'll end you myself. >=|

Maybe I shouldn't have burnt down the 40 orphanages and blew up those random people yesterday.......stupid world. Ruins everything.
So yeah, I've been getting too many of these lately.

I already know why.

So, my resolution:

Im going to draw another piece of anti-LU work for every single retrieval notice I get.

That is all.…

"We fire the WHOLE bullet. That's 65% more bullet, per bullet!"
Thanks to this guy ---->… I got a good copy of TTA SBS…

This was a hassle to work with ever since I got it XD Nothing wanted to convert or compress it properly, everything kept crashing with it every time, making it into a torrent just made me angrier than it should have with every little problem but whatever. take the damn thing! XD

Its in a weird m4v format, but quicktime can easily play it. Had to have a friend finally get it compressed, I was wanting to break something from nothing working.

So yeah.
I am now the proud owner of a brand new piece of awesome technology.…

I am happy.

So very happy.

So happy and sappy and...(now) poor.

That is all.

(If anyone wants to watch, playing with in via stream (adult stuff possibly):…

Yup, its real. And that's actually Arnold playing it.

I don't know if I should basking in its awesomeness or writhing in its extreme horribleness XD